Trading under the name of Danbury Mint, we are the UK branch of an American $300 million consumer products marketing company, with an outstanding history of sales and profits since our founding in 1969.

We sell a wide range of items, including jewellery, coins for collectors, and collectable teddy bears. We offer them directly to the public through magazine advertisements, mailings and internet marketing.


Though our new managers come to us from a variety of backgrounds, having graduated in everything from History, Psychology, to Law, they do have a few things in common.  They all come to MBI with little or no experience of the business world.  What they bring is the intelligence, ambition and enthusiasm required to run a successful business.


Not so long ago, the individuals featured in our profiles were in your shoes.  They were faced with the difficult choice of either following many of their classmates into conventional careers like Finance, Law, and Education – or pursuing a less conventional career with MBI, one that challenges them to run part of a business early in their careers.  They chose MBI and have risen to the challenge!