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Alexandra Birchall
 Cambridge University, '14


Alexandra joined MBI in 2014. At the time, she had no experience in marketing, but knew that she wanted to work for a company where she would have responsibility and the ability to make decisions from the start.

Immediately after joining the company, Alexandra took over responsibility for some of the collectables categories, including a range for dog and cat lovers. “Managing the products from day one was the best way to learn. Within my first month, I’d written copy for adverts, liaised with suppliers and product development, written marketing plans and was starting to develop a wider strategy to enable me to grow the category in the future.”

After a few months, Alexandra began to take on more projects to improve wider areas of the company, as well as taking on additional products and categories for day-to-day management. These projects included working with print companies to generate efficiencies, and looking deeper into the strategies for MBI’s catalogues. “One of the best things about working for MBI is that there are plenty of opportunities to make changes and see their impact on the bottom line.”

Alexandra is now working on MBI’s digital marketing, especially Facebook, which is a new area for the company. “Working on our Facebook marketing has been my biggest challenge to date, because it’s an area that hasn’t been explored so far, so everything has to be learnt from scratch. It’s given me the chance to work with more people within the company and champion the new possibilities when talking to the senior managers, as well as put new procedures in place. The potential for growth here is huge, and it’s exciting to have the opportunity to be at the forefront of a project that could change our marketing strategy forever.” Alexandra now has someone directly reporting to her, and hopes that there will be further opportunities to grow the digital marketing team as it continues to generate more profit.

Outside work, Alexandra plays bridge internationally, as well as regularly in London. She also enjoys rock climbing, which she started with a group of co-workers at the company. “Moving here from Manchester, I was a little concerned that I didn’t know anyone, but there are plenty of opportunities to spend time with colleagues outside work, whether it’s at the climbing wall or just a trip to the pub.”

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