Fashion and fine jewellery have never been more popular or in demand.  MBI markets a varied and ever-changing range of original designs including rings, bracelets, watches, necklaces, earrings and more, for both women and men.



Coin collecting has been a popular hobby for decades, and the marketplace today – especially for rare, historic coins – is surprisingly vibrant.  MBI is a world leader in marketing a wide range of historic coinage, particularly from the UK and USA.​

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Steiff is the inventor of the teddy bear and one of the world’s premier manufacturers of high-end toys and collectables. 


MBI is the UK’s leading distributor of Steiff bears and merchandise. 

We work together with Steiff to create exclusive editions based on themed events or personalities.

Licensed Merchandise & Other Products


MBI markets an extensive range of licensed merchandise, including a wide array of legendary brands and manufacturers, as well as stage, screen and sports stars. 


Licensors and iconic names including Disney, Premier League football clubs, and Help for Heroes have our commitment that we will put all our efforts and creativity into pursuing successful product introductions and marketing strategies to maximise returns for all involved.


We are vibrant, creative and imaginative, constantly seeking growth by prospecting new categories, looking for our next great business!

We are a privately-owned marketing company with annual sales in excess of £15 million in the UK ($300 million in the US), trading under the name of the Danbury Mint.  We don't sell through shops - we go directly to our customers via ads in magazines, direct mailings, and the internet. For half a century, we have experienced solid growth and sustained exceptional profitability. With ever-changing merchandise developed in response to trends, consumer demands and headline sensations, MBI responds to market influences as they evolve.