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Mike O'Donnell
 University of Pennsylvania, '05


Since joining MBI fresh out of the University of Pennsylvania, where he majored in politics, philosophy and economics, Mike accepted a position in our US office as an Assistant Product Manager.  He joined the company’s relatively new jewellery group.  Having relocated from Philadelphia to Connecticut, he found that MBI could offer him what he was looking for in a career.  “It seemed like a great opportunity to be surrounded by a bunch of hard-working people who were driven to succeed.  I really liked the place, and fell in love with it when I got there.”


As part of the Danbury Mint’s jewellery category, Mike found himself in a fun, fast paced group.  “There were a lot of opportunities to make a meaningful impact.  You learn things alongside your bosses.”


Like any new MBI manager, though, he had to hit the ground running.  “You’ve got to use both sides of your brain!  It’s not something you can sit in a classroom and learn.   You learn by doing and taking ownership.  Moving the business forward is really up to you.”


Mike then went on to join three other colleagues in spearheading a retooling of the jewellery portion on MBI’s website.  “The challenge was that the website was initially designed as an order-taking site, rather than a bona fide shopping site.”   Along with his colleagues, the site was improved so it was easier to shop and aesthetically looked more pleasing.


Mike was told from the start that MBI offered considerable room for hard workers to advance.  “Age and experience doesn’t matter.  It’s a unique place – the whole learning-by-doing philosophy.  If you’re able to learn, you’re going to be able to move your way up.”  He was then promoted to Associate Product Manager, with all the additional opportunities and challenges, such as having a “mini-team” reporting to him – an opportunity that most young managers aren’t going to get.  “I just don’t know where else you’d get this amount of responsibility, and have this level of understanding of how business works.”


Mike was promoted to Product Manager, and in 2012 was given the opportunity of transferring to the UK office.  With his knowledge and expertise, Mike has played a major part in growing the UK business; in particular, the area of coins.  Today, Mike is a Product Director, in charge of a team of Product Managers, whom he now mentors, and who now work alongside their boss!


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