Tom Green
York University, '15


After graduating from the University of York with a Psychology degree, Tom Green was unsure about his next steps; craving analysis, strategy and creativity in equal measure, he knew he would never be content with a simple office job. After applying to MBI as an Assistant Product Manager in 2016, he found the position ticked all the boxes – and more.

Following the two-week induction period, Tom took over management of the Football category; analysing marketing data, writing advertising copy and assisting in the creation of new product designs and creative, and managing the development and operational process for multiple products. “Being a Product Manager is like running a business-within-a-business, and everything I do has a direct and visible impact. There’s a real variety of what I do – one minute I could be writing a marketing plan, the next I’m working on creative materials, all the while coordinating production with vendors all over the world!”

As he became more experienced with operational processes, Tom pursued several efficiency projects alongside managing products. This involved liaising with various departments to gain a deeper insight into how the company works, allowing him to submit informed and considered solutions to operational challenges. “The sense of camaraderie across all departments of the business is one of my favourite things about MBI. There’s a real sense here that everyone is on the same team.”   

After one year as a Product Manager at MBI, Tom had demonstrated his capability as a problem solver and logical thinker and was asked to take on a 12-month secondment project - investigating and recommending a modification of the company’s operational systems. While not in his original job description, the project provided an opportunity for Tom to learn and develop skills beyond his Product Manager role – and he accepted wholeheartedly! “My time as a product manager was invaluable to my career development and understanding of the business as a whole – I can now tell the whole story of a product from the first hint of an idea to the moment it’s delivered to the customer. I look forward to returning to it after completing my secondment project!”

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